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August 31, 2013
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Edward Elric x Reader 3
You break free of the kiss after you hear a slight movement from behind Ed. Edward blushes deeply, rubbing the back of his head with a cheeky embarrassed grin. “I-I’m sorry ______ My uh…I-I slipped!” He stammered nervously, thinking you pulled away for some other reason than it was. “SHhh!” You whisper putting your hand over his mouth as you heard more rustling as the hidden figure seemed to get closer. Edward blinked confused tilting his head slightly “H-hey I said I was sorry…” He said in a muffled voice. “Shut up its not that Ed!” You growl to him, “Don’t you hear that…?” You whisper to him in a hushed voice. Ed looked even more puzzled. “I think something’s over th-“ Your voice is cut off as a figure lunges out at you slamming into you hard causing the wind to be knocked out of you. The figure lifts you over their shoulder as they take off running. ‘OH MI GOD IM BEING TEEN KNAPPED!’ You thought to yourself but like hell you were going to let whoever this is steal you, You slam your fists into their back causing them to flinch. “Hey Let me go!” You cry, You look back to see a certain Ed running after you. “_-_____!” He shouted your name as he tried to keep up; Now, You know the older Elric was very fast due to his, ehem…Shorter figure but, By how fast this unknown person was going, He must’ve been going INHUMANLY fast since Edward was very far behind, To the point where he was barely see able…
You didn’t exactly know ‘how’ to use alchemy so you didn’t have any way to protect yourself besides with your fists and new high tops which you REALLY didn’t want to scruff or scratch. You feel around the person which caused them to stiffen, which meant they were most likely unused to being touched. You felt long hair and pretty built muscles. They weren’t exactly dressed like a guy though, but you could tell they were indeed, A male. You squirmed in the man’s strong grip as you were able to get your upper body free as you tried to push yourself up. That’s when your head hit a low, rather thick tree branch.

Edwards P.O.V.
“_-_____!!!” I shouted loudly for the third time. I lost sight of her and was REALLY lost. I didn’t recognize this part of the woods, they were alien to me. I wanted to stop, to look for something familiar, maybe go get Al if I was close by but…but ______! I need to find her. W-when I kissed her she…she kissed back; Does that mean she feels the same way I do? I have to know, Now. My feet felt numb, ive been running for a while now not even knowing which way He went.  I knew who took her, He’ll pay for this…Don’t worry ______ I’ll find you…I Promise!
Finally made the third one! Sorry to keep you awesome people waiting!
Can you guys guess who 'Teen Knapped' You? h'mmm?
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reader-chan: Stupid palm tree! youinterrupted my alone time with edward! 
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