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July 3, 2013
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You run breathlessly as your legs slowly grow weak, Your cheeks burning red from the heat, You wanted to stop…But you couldn’t, you knew someone was chasing you but... Who was it…? “______!” You hear a voice shout. You feel a sob in your throat. “______!!!” You hear, This time closer. Then you lose your footing as you fall to the ground.
“______! Wake up!” you feel to firm hands grip your shoulders as you jerk awake, You feel tears run down your cheeks as your eyes try to focus on the figure shaking you. Your eyes adapt to the lighted room as you sit up, your arms like jello, wobbling to keep you upright. “ Oh good your awake…” You hear as you look up to see a worried Ed sighing in relief. “E-Ed…?” You whisper looking at him. He smiles slightly “Just another nightmare right…?” He asked his voice a little shaky. You nod hugging him with a sniffle “Y-yeah I’m sorry…” You sigh, this happened a lot, you had the same nightmare over and over, And he would wake you up from it. You sniffle snuggling into his chest. He blushed ever so slightly hugging you too.

Ed’s P.O.V
Its been like this for a while, almost like a routine. I worry about her a lot…I feel terrible that I can’t save her from these night terrors, all I can do is wake her up from them…
I wish I could save her from them, Just like I wish she would see me more than a best friend…Ever since started living with her a few weeks ago I have felt differently towards her, like shes more than a friend, She of course doesn’t know, Only Al does who I share a room with. I still try to adjust to her hugging me but its so hard, I can’t help but love it. Her warm body pressed against mine, fitting oh so perfectly into my arms, I know- I shouldn’t think of these things when shes like this.
“E-Ed?” She whispers quietly to me looking up at me with those sweet (e/c) eyes.
My cheeks feel like they begin to burn “Y-yes ______?”
She looked away slightly, as if deciding what she was going to say “would it be okay if…y-you maybe…..Slept in here with me? J-Just for a L-little while!” She stammered nervously.
My face lights up a deep red, I open my mouth to speak, but nothing comes out. I nod “N-no P-p..problem!” I manage to say with a smile.
She smiles too moving over so I had enough room.
‘oh man I think Im dreaming!’ I think feeling a smile tug on my lips. I lay down beside her.
After a moment of hesitation I feel her move under my arm, laying her head on my chest, she yawns closing her eyes. “goodnight Ed.”
‘oh man, oh man oh man!!! Calm dooown…..!’ I think frantically to myself ‘What do I do….!?’ I glance at her trying my best not to tense up. I then move my arm gently onto her back hoping I didn’t make the wrong move. “N-night ______”
Hey sorry if this sucks super badly, I made it short to test how it was, Comment if you think I should go on :D :(
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Ed : n-night (y/n) Ed thoughts yes this is so awesome
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the feels It makes me happy your happy xD
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I wrote up to 4 i think but i havent continued after that.. :3
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